Find A Amazing One-Stop Gel Polish Manufacturer

In 2023, we can find the gel nail polish manufacturer we want in many ways, for example, but as the number of manufacturer increases, we have no way to judge whether this manufacturer has its own factory. Whether the quality of the product is reliable, the size of the company, etc. will affect purchasing issues. So today, ICE NOVA will use our more than 10 years of gel nail polish export experience to tell you how to judge whether it is a good gel nail polish manufacturer through 6 aspects.


  1. First of all, to confirm whether a supplier is reliable, the first point to determine is whether it has a factory:


The importance of factories is self-evident, a factory with complete production lines can shorten the order completion cycle, ensure daily production volume, and most importantly, guarantee the quality of the product.

If it is your first time to contact a company that you are completely unfamiliar with, you can ask the company to provide you with an introductory video of their factory and company. Through the video, you can get a preliminary understanding of the company and the scale of the factory.

As for Our ICE NOVA, as a brand that has specialized in exporting nail polish for more than 10 years, we have a factory with very strong supply capacity. You can though a video to know more about our gel polish factory, we also welcome customers come to visit our factory!

Our factory's production capacity can reach an average of 100,000 bottles per day, which is equivalent to 1,000kg of colorant. You don't need to worry about our order cycle. At the same time, we have a dedicated QC department to conduct quality inspections before products are exported, and we also accept third-party QC department quality inspections from customers.


  1. A factory with strong productivity and complete production lines can guarantee the supply cycle, then the next step is the quality of the gel polish products. How to determine whether the nail polish product is of high quality from various angles:


2-1: Whether the gel nail polish has passed various raw material safety tests:

Raw material testing of products is very important to determine product quality, check the ingredient list of your nail polish. Look for products that are free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

2-2: Consistency and Pigmentation: Apply a small amount of the nail polish onto a nail wheel or a piece of paper. A high-quality polish will be smooth, without any clumps or streaks. It should also have intense pigmentation, providing full coverage with just one or two coats.

2-3: Longevity and Durability: Test the longevity and durability of the nail polish by applying it to your nails. A high-quality polish should resist chipping and remain intact for several days, even with regular activities.

2-4: Drying Time: Observe the drying time of the nail polish. High-quality products often dry relatively quickly, allowing you to continue with other activities without smudging or ruining the polish.

2-5: Shine and Finish: Look for a glossy and smooth finish. High-quality nail polishes tend to have intense shine and provide a professional-looking result.

2-6: Brush Quality: Consider the brush that comes with the nail polish. A high-quality brush will be firm and even, making the application process easier and more precise.

2-7: Price: While it's not always an indicator of quality, very cheap nail polish may often lack the reliable performance and longevity offered by higher-priced options. It is often worth investing a bit more for a better quality product.

Remember that personal preferences may vary, so it's essential to find gel nail polish that works well for you and meets your specific needs.

Our ICE NOVA total certified safety testing on nail polish collagen materials, including:


And our price is a very reasonable price in the market, so if you need high-quality, safety and reasonable price gel polish, you can contact us, we also can provide sample for you first.


  1. Brand Reputation: Research brands and their reputation in the beauty industry. A company with a long-term presence and positive customer reviews is more likely to be a reliable supplier of nail polish products.


First of all, it depends on whether the supplier regularly participates in international beauty & nail art exhibitions.

Companies that frequently participate in international exhibitions tend to have higher reliability for several reasons:

3-1: Exposure to international markets: By participating in international exhibitions, companies have the opportunity to showcase their products or services to a global audience. This exposure helps companies build their reputation and increase their visibility in international markets. As a result, potential customers, partners, and investors are more likely to perceive these companies as reliable and trustworthy.

3-2: Networking opportunities: International exhibitions offer companies the chance to connect with other industry professionals, potential partners, distributors, and suppliers from around the world. These networking opportunities enable companies to establish mutually beneficial relationships, exchange knowledge and resources, and collaborate on projects. The ability to make meaningful connections and build a strong network adds to a company's reliability by showcasing their ability to form partnerships and work with others in the global market.

3-3: Brand building: Active participation in international exhibitions allows companies to reinforce their brand image and position their products or services as high-quality and trustworthy. Through exhibitions, companies can demonstrate their expertise, showcase their innovations, highlight their customer testimonials, and create memorable experiences for attendees. These branding efforts contribute to the perceived reliability of the company, as it establishes a positive reputation in the international market.

3-4: Market intelligence: International exhibitions provide companies with valuable insights into global market trends, customer preferences, and competitors' strategies. By observing and interacting with other exhibitors and attendees, companies can gather market intelligence, identify new opportunities, and adapt their strategies accordingly. This knowledge and adaptability further enhance a company's reliability, as it demonstrates the company's ability to stay ahead of trends and respond to changing market demands.

3-5: Feedback and validation: International exhibitions provide an opportunity for companies to receive direct feedback from potential customers and industry experts. This feedback can help companies validate their products or services, identify areas for improvement, and make necessary adjustments before expanding into international markets. Engaging in this iterative process of gathering feedback and making improvements enhances a company's reliability, as it demonstrates a commitment to meeting customer needs and delivering high-quality offerings.

In conclusion, companies that frequently participate in international exhibitions have higher reliability due to increased exposure to international markets, networking opportunities, brand building, market intelligence gathering, and the feedback and validation received from potential customers and industry experts. These factors collectively contribute to building a positive reputation and establishing trust, making these companies more reliable in the eyes of global stakeholders.


Our ICE NOVA go to the United States, Canada, Russia, France, Spain, Poland, South Africa, Kazakhstan and other countries to participate in exhibitions every year to showcase our new products, best-selling products and our services to customers, so our brand is well-known and In customer evaluations, it has always been at the forefront.


  1. Professionalism of sales staff & perfection of factory after-sales system


An excellent sales is highly important to customers. Here are a few reasons why:

4-1: Product Knowledge: A skilled salesperson has in-depth knowledge about the products they are selling. This allows them to answer specific customer queries, provide accurate information, and address any concerns, ultimately instilling confidence in the buyer.

4-2: Communication Skills: Effective communication is crucial in the field of foreign trade. A skilled salesperson can understand customers' requirements, negotiate deals, and provide clear instructions regarding the purchasing process, ensuring a smooth transaction experience.

4-3: Understanding Cultural Differences: Foreign trade often involves dealing with customers from diverse cultures and backgrounds. A top-notch salesperson is culturally sensitive and can adapt their communication and negotiation style to build relationships and bridge any potential gaps between parties.

4-4: Customer Service: Providing excellent customer service is vital to retaining customers and building long-term partnerships. A great salesperson ensures prompt responses, anticipates and resolves potential issues, and goes the extra mile to meet customer needs, fostering a strong business relationship.

4-5: Trust and Credibility: Customers rely on trust and credibility when engaging in foreign trade. An excellent salesperson, who delivers on promises, maintains transparency, and acts with integrity, helps establish trust, thus increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In summary, an excellent foreign trade salesperson significantly influences customers' experience by providing product knowledge, effective communication, cultural adaptability, exceptional customer service, and building trust and credibility.

The after-sales system of gel nail polish products is important for several reasons:

4-6: Customer satisfaction: Having a reliable after-sales system ensures that customers receive prompt assistance and support in case they face any issues with the product. This leads to higher customer satisfaction levels and helps build a positive brand image.

4-7: Product reliability: A good after-sales system includes quality assurance measures, such as product warranties or guarantees. This gives customers confidence in the product's reliability and durability, reducing the risk of dissatisfaction or product failures.

4-8: Customer loyalty: By providing excellent after-sales service, companies can foster customer loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to continue purchasing from the brand, recommend it to others, and become repeat customers.

4-9: Product feedback and improvement: Through the after-sales system, companies can gather valuable feedback from customers regarding their experiences with the product. This feedback can be used to identify areas of improvement and enhance the product's features or quality.

4-10: Brand reputation: A well-functioning after-sales system contributes to a positive brand reputation. When customers know they can rely on a company's support and assistance after a purchase, it enhances their perception of the brand and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Overall, the after-sales system plays a vital role in ensuring customer satisfaction, product reliability, and brand reputation, making it an essential aspect of the nail polish industry or any product industry.

ICE NOVA sales staff have been engaged in the gel nail polish industry for more than 3 years on average. Our sales managers have been engaged in the wholesale and customization of gel nail polish for more than 8 years. Therefore, our ICE NOVA sales staff have extensive experience in the industry and pre-sale of products, the professional experience in sales is relatively sufficient.

Therefore, if you choose us as your gel nail polish supplier, you don't need to spend too much time on product production, transportation, design branding and many other issues. Our sales will solve the whole process for you.

Of course, we provide complete after-sales service. No matter what problems occur with the product during transportation, or if you are not satisfied with the product, we will do our best to help you solve it.

Of course, in addition to the above points, as a cross-border sales company (with its own factory), in order to allow customers to experience our gel nail polish products based on actual conditions, we provide sample channels. If you are a customer from Canada or the United States, you can place an order directly from our website; if you are from Europe, Australia or Asia, you can send us your sample requirements through the contact form, and we will respond within 4-8 Arrange professional sales to connect with you within hours.

Finally, whether you want to find a reliable nail polish manufacturer or a supplier in other beauty industries, we hope this article can help you.