Want To Do Your Own Logo-Read This Guide.

Recently, we learned that many customers are very interested in our customized service process and want to know how we help them to create their own gel polish brand, so today, let me introduce our OEM/ODM service and whole process when you cooper with us.

First, we all know that the basic of OEM/ODM service is let us know which product you interested, some need base coat, some need color gel polish, so what kind of or colors do you interested?

We have more than 5000+ colors gel polish including nude gel polish, cat-eye gel polish, nail builder gel and nail art products, you can check our product category to find your like or your bussniess needs.

After we know your colors or product needs, we will send you to you our bottle style in stock, you also can send us you already have or like.

We also can customized bottle style if there is no one you like.

And we have 2 labeling methods: Stick Labeling And Screen Labeling.

the minimum order quantity for stick labeling is 500 bottles and for bottle screen printing is 1000 bottles. Generally speaking, we recommend that customers choose a method that suits them based on their actual situation, brand positioning, etc. 

Then you send we the LOGO file (PDF or CDR.) of your brand to our email. The original design image should be clear, so that the label is more clear and beautiful. we will let our designers design your sticker for free.Then, we will send you the effect photo to confirm.

I have to introduce our design team. Every member of our company's design team has at least 3-4 years of experience in nail polish packaging and brand design in the gel nail polish industry. You can completely trust our ICE NOVA design team.


1. Our design service is free, we will design your logo and package until you are satisfied.

2. If you want to print your company and contact information on the back of the label, send we the correct informations please.

After reaching this step, our pre-production work is basically completed. You will get your brand logo or package PDF Or CDR files. By the way, we will also make your brand samples to check with you whether is your want to show effect.

Next comes the step of production in our factory. The factory will complete multiple safety steps such as glue filling, quality inspection, high and low temperature testing, packaging, etc. to ensure that the products our customers receive are of high quality.

If you want to know more about our factory, we have a video for you:

We will also write a special article introducing the factory production workshop, R&D workshop and warehouse in the next few days, stay tuned.

After completing production and packaging in our factory, we will ship the goods using the previously determined shipping method (we offer sea, rail and air shipping).

After you receive the goods, we recommend that you conduct an inspection yourself to ensure that there is no damage to the product during transportation.

Is the whole process very simple? Yes, when working with us at ICE NOVA, the whole process is that simple because we are a One-stop manufacturer, our aim is to provide customers with the best service and the highest quality gel nail polish.

If you want to do your own logo, contact us; If you want to start your gel polish business, contact us, we are your best gel polish partner!

Finally, we have attached a picture to briefly summarize our customization process, please check it out:

See you next time, and welcome to visit our factory and company!