What Is Hema-Free And Which Hema-Free Gel Polish Is Best.

These days, there has been significant conversation surrounding an ingredient named HEMA, which is found in many gel nail polish formulations. The possible allergic reactions from HEMA have captured the people’s attention, and many EU & North US countries clients need gel polish no hema (hema-free).

With this in mind, we’ve created this handy guide to help inform you and your clients on everything there is to know about HEMA and ICE NOVA HEMA Free gel polish.

What is Hema?

HEMA stands for 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate. It is a chemical compound commonly used in various products, including nail polish, adhesives, coatings, and dental materials. In the context of nail products like gel polish, HEMA serves as a monomer, which means it helps create the cross-links that give the polish its hard, durable finish when cured under a UV or LED lamp.

In simple terms:

1. HEMA, a light-curing monomer commonly found in gel nail polish, is also known as Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate or 2-hydroxyethyl Methacrylate.

2. When HEMA is polymerised under UV/LED light, gel nails become hardened and shiny.

3. HEMA is also used in other industries, such as medicine and dentistry.

Why is HEMA being talked about?

When products containing HEMA are misused or are repeatedly absorbed through the skin or nail plate, in some cases, it can cause an allergic reaction leading to eczema, inflammation and severe skin irritation.

This can happen to anyone, even if they have had no previous reactions to a particular gel polish containing HEMA.

The importance of the correct application of a product that contains HEMA

Just because a product contains HEMA doesn’t mean it is going to cause your client any problems. The way in which you apply products that contain HEMA is important. The biggest cause of allergic reactions using gel polish is lack of training and knowledge. The correct application and use of a full end-to-end gel polish system from the same brand is always recommended.

Gel Polish brands take their products through rigorous scientific testing to ensure their gel polish system is compatible with their lamp to cure the gel correctly.

If a lamp is not the correct wavelength, the acrylates (a group of chemicals used to bond the gel) do not cure properly, penetrating the nail bed and surrounding skin, causing irritation and allergies.

Signs and symptoms of a HEMA allergy include…

Contact Dermatitis: HEMA can cause contact dermatitis, which leads to skin inflammation, itching, redness, and a rash. Prolonged or repeated exposure to HEMA may worsen these symptoms.

Nail Bed Inflammation: Some individuals may experience inflammation or swelling around the nail bed due to HEMA exposure, leading to discomfort and pain.

Does all gel polish contain HEMA?

Not all gel polish and builder gels contain HEMA. They will be marketed and labelled as HEMA Free if they do not contain Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate.

It goes without saying that if you need to work with a HEMA Free product, for example, a client has a known allergy, always check the label of the gel polish you are using or contact the brand directly if you are unsure.

Is HEMA the only allergen in gel polish?

Although HEMA has been identified as a known allergen in gel polish, it isn’t the only one. It’s important clients take an allergy test if they suspect an allergic reaction to HEMA to confirm if using a HEMA Free gel polish is the right formula for them.

What are the benefits of using HEMA Free Gel Polish?

1. Reduced Risk of Allergic Reactions

By eliminating HEMA from the formulation, HEMA Free gel polishes significantly reduce the risk of allergic reactions and skin sensitivities. This makes them safer for individuals with known sensitivities or allergies to HEMA.

2. Enhanced Safety

HEMA Free gel polish prioritises clients’ well-being by providing an alternative that minimises the potential harm of HEMA exposure.

3. Inclusivity

Salons and nail professionals using HEMA Free gel polish can cater to a wider range of clients, including those with sensitivities or allergies to HEMA. This inclusivity enhances client satisfaction and helps expand your client base.

4. Comparable Performance

Manufacturers have developed advanced formulations for HEMA-free gel polishes that perform similarly to traditional ones. These formulations provide long-lasting wear, high-gloss shine, and easy application, ensuring professionals can achieve excellent client results.

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