How To Solve These Problems During The Manicure Process?

Every week we will share the frequently asked questions and answers during the manicure process.

Q1: When gel can't dry

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Factors that can affect drying time between layers: Humidity, temperature, and the thickness of the layers can impact drying time. Recommendations for ensuring adequate drying time: Follow the recommended drying time mentioned on the nail polish bottle and consider using a quick-dry product or a UV/LED lamp。

Q2: Why is my gel still sticky after curing?

My gel polish is tacky, is this normal? Yes, your gel will be slightly tacky to the touch after you have cured each coat. This is so that the next coat can properly adhere to the previous one. Once you have applied your Top Coat, you will need to wipe with cleanser to remove the tacky layer to finish your manicure.

Q3: Can you overcure gel polish?

What 'overcure' means when thinking about the 'proper cure' is when the polymerisation process is too fast, and the exothermic reaction (heat) can be felt and possibly burn the nail bed. This can happen if a UV lamp that is not matched to the UV gel system is used so the UV energy is too high.

The worst thing about over-curing your gel nails is your top coat yellowing. However, if you under-cure every potential problem is a possibility. Lifting, chipping, shriveling, etc. If you're mixing and matching product lines, it is best to cure every layer of gel for 60 seconds instead of the more standard 30 seconds.

Q4: What happens if you don't fully cure gel polish?

UV nail products can be under cured, over cured, or properly cured. The most common of these is under curing and it is a leading cause of skin irritation and allergy to both clients and nail professionals when they are exposed to under cured dust/filings or while soaking products off in remover.

Or two, if any wrinkles, bubbles or smudges occur on the polish, these are signs that only the top layer of your gel. polish has cured and the bottom layer hasn't. Subscribe to the easy nail tech. for more nail tips and hacks